Zero1 helps SMEs across the world grow by providing Supply Chain financing early in the production cycle, reducing the financial burden of undertaking new projects.


Online platform to apply and obtain funding.


Full visibility of past and current transactions.


Inmediate availability of funds.


Financing early in the production circle.


Secured distributed transaction ledger.

Cost Efficiency

Princing adjusted for every single order.

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

Zero1 mission is to help SMEs across the world to thrive by reducing the financial burden of undertaking new growth projects.

Social Purpose

Social Purpose

We have aligned our mission and business model to the sustainable development goals, specifically regarding to the goals 8 -decent work and economic growth- and 9 -industry, innovation and infrastructure.-.

Our Technologies


We are combining new Technologies like blockchain and advanced AI algorithms to build a platform that extracts new insights and allows to make transactions in a fast, fair, secure, and profitable way.


And Then

The funding provided will follow and evolve together with the production cycle, adjusting the price as milestones are achieved. This allows the suppliers to leverage the credit worthiness of their clients to lower the borrowing cost.


Ramiro Martinez Pardo

Ramiro Martínez Pardo

Co-Founder and CEO

Jose Antonio Fernandez

José Antonio Fernández

Co-Founder and CFO

Ernesto Corral Messia de la Cerda

Ernesto Corral Messía De La Cerda

Co-Founder and CTO



Blockchain based technology to ensure transactions traceability and integrity due to the distibuted ledgers.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence algorithm to adjust the price to every transaction in a very precise way.


Cloud-based platform, ensuring availability and compliance with local data regulations.